Monday, May 4, 2009

Signed, Sealed and Delivered... It's Diploma Time!

This past weekend my friend Stef graduated with her teaching degree and my sister finished her master's in teaching. Both graduated from USF and I'm very excited for both! It has been a long road for Stef- just in the last couple years she got married in the middle of one semester (teachers were not so kind about it) and this last year she moved up here to Tally- yay!- and back down to Tampa- sad - in a matter of months. It's hard enough moving back and forth but trying to transfer between three equally uncooperative schools was quite the challange! But Stef took it all in stride and we are so happy for her that she's done!

My sister, Errin (yes, 2 r's), has been working on her Master's while teaching for the past few years. She is an amazing teacher and has a special gift for dealing with her students- which are usually those that other teachers can't handle. Not only do they respect her but so do their parents and the other teachers at her school. As cheesy as it sounds- I am so proud of my big sis! I know she enjoyed taking classes but I'm happy for her that she won't have so much stuff on her plate!

I made these cards for Stef and Errin to celebrate their graduations. We didn't get to go down there and celebrate with them and are really bummed about that. They both have more goodies coming to them... but I'm not finished, grrr!

The flowers and green & black paper are from the Michael's dollar aisle. I've had the black grad paper since my HS graduation... so that'd be 6 years! The grad cap is from Locker Talk and the Hooray cut is from Lyrical Letters. I put non-stickles stickles & a gem on the firework thing.

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